Anti-Aging Treatments

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At Ageless Health, we customize an anti-aging treatment plan for each patient. Consultations are always FREE. Depending on your chosen treatment process, your skin will have a healthy glow, age spots will lighten or disappear, wrinkles around the eyes and frown lines will be softened, and even sagging skin can be improved. We're always researching the latest treatment options available. If you don't see an option listed, please be sure to call our office. The following procedures can be performed in conjunction with each other or as stand-alone procedures.

Age Spots/Sun Spot Removal

Pigmented lesions, birthmarks, brown spots, liver spots and age spots are created from an excessive concentration of melanin in the skin. Dr. Bichefsky will evaluate and inform you of the specific type of skin lesion present and whether it is safe to remove it, or if it needs further evaluation.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment is a revolutionary way to combat the signs of aging. This non-invasive procedure stimulates smoother, healthier looking skin without the extensive investment of time and money required by other skin resurfacing treatments.

Non-Invasive Collagen Mask

Exclusive Non-Invasive, Collagen Facelift Through Cutting-Edge Technology. This proprietary collagen mask formula by PURIGENEX is medically engineered with the world's most highly purified atelocollagen (non-immunogenic and bio-compatible).


For more information about our professional Botox services performed by a certified physician, please call 610-436-1584.

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